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Baltic Manufactory


1899. Rudolf Otto von Knüppfer, Erwin Bernhard.


The Baltic Cotton Spinning and Knitting Factory was founded in 1898.
Construction of the complex began in 1899, and its architect was the provincial architect Rudolf Otto von Knüppfer, who died in 1900. Erwin Bernhard continued his work.
The newly established company was the first major industrial company in Tallinn, with which a residential area and its infrastructure were built at the same time.
The complex of buildings with a very colourful history has had many owners and even more employees, during the heyday the factory employed almost 3,000 people.
The factory, which has been dedicated to the production of cotton, linen fabrics and cotton wool for decades, will soon have a new look.
Today is the last chance to explore this exciting factory both inside and out.

Visiting time

Sat 13:00
Sun 12:00

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