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Estonian Academy of Security Sciences


2019, OÜ Arhitekt11 arhitektid Illimar Truverk, Janar Toomesso, Katrin Vannas, Sander Paljak, Kristjan Lind, Hannelore Kääramees, Kaur Käärma, Siim Tiigimägi ja Tajuruum OÜ maastikuarhitektid Edgar Kaare, Terje Ong ja Liina Einla


The Academy of Internal Affairs was one of the last Estonian higher education institutions not to have its own new and modern building. The building, which opened in 2019, hides, in addition to auditoriums and administrative rooms, several specific rooms necessary for internal security training, including laboratories for the use of virtual simulation tools, fire safety and other laboratories, prison training rooms, and an internal shooting range. In addition to these parts, the building also has a conference center. The aim of the new complex is to promote integrated learning – that is, students undergoing rescue, police, customs, prison and other training can learn together and exchange experiences. One of the most special parts of the complex is the unique system of virtual simulation laboratories in Northern Europe, in which the entire crisis management chain can be played through with the help of 3D technology. The design of the new building of the Academy of Internal Affairs was selected with an architectural competition held in 2016, and its exterior form and interior design exude the precision and calculation characteristic of the field.

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