Foto: Filmimuuseum

Film Museum


2017, BOA, Innopolis Insenerid OÜ, Ville Lausmäe


The Film Museum, completed in 2017 is part of the Estonian History Museum in the Maarjamäe castle complex. This museum has been operating since 2006. The Film Museum introduces the filmmaking process and the history of Estonian cinema and preserves and introduces film heritage. The exhibition “Double One” takes a look at the history of Estonian film and behind the scenes of the world film arena, invites to explore the mysterious life of the moving image and gives the opportunity to be in different roles of the film crew. The layout of the museum building follows the characteristic perimeter style of the plot. The architects relied on the existing historical building volumes, which is why the complex was visually divided into four smaller parts. The new museum building is also connected to the historical architecture of the castle ensemble by the roof landscape imitated in a modern way.

Visiting time

Sat 11:00
Sun 11:00

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Pirita Tee 64
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