GROUPS FULL - Hundipea district and Paljassaare harbour



In the 1960s, ocean fishing reached a truly industrial scale and form. Fishing was handled and the fishing vessels were managed by the Tallinn Ocean Fleet Base, and the transportation of the catch, the supply of fishing vessels and refrigeration ships were managed by the Tallinn Refrigeration Fleet Base. In 1969, a new sea fishing harbour in Paljassaare was built in Tallinn to serve all these ships. When the organizations were merged, the Ocean production team with nearly 10,000 employees was created. The production complex had powerful shore structures, which also included the buildings of the current port of Paljassaare. The current territory of the port area is 31 ha.
The future plan is to create a district called Hundipea in the harbour area – a future climate-neutral and waste-free settlement that will provide living and working places for tens of thousands of people. A smart, economical and human-friendly model of urban space will be created by the sea, which will create an opportunity to use local natural resources to build infrastructure based on renewable energy, thanks to which clean electricity and heat will be provided to the district.

Meeting point: the entrance of the Paljassaare Port, by the bus stop “Paljassaare”. We kindly ask you to bring your ID.
Tour: The old administrative building with a cinema, the warehouse with terraces, and the harbour crane cabin.

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Sat 16:00 English
Sun 11:00
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