Lasnamäe garage complex




Open House Tallinn allows those interested to peek into one of the special garage complexes in Lasnamäe, where, as in some parallel universes, a different kind of life takes place in its own stroke. Built at the end of the Soviet era, the large and cumbersome garage complex today is anything but a place to store cars. Garages, a sauna, a restaurant, a gym and even a veterinary clinic are all located under one roof, forming a unique and unique world.
In 1984-85, the employees of the association “Loo” proposed to the local district government to build separate premises for their organization. Soon the idea arose to build a large garage complex, and it was also desired to place the administrative premises of the house there, on the first floor of the complex. A garage association of the same name was then created.

Visiting time

Sat 16:00
Sun 16:00

How to get there?

Kogunemine restoran Comandor sissepääsu juures


Linnamäe tee 91
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