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1980 Raine Karp, Riina Altmäe; Ülo Sirp, Mariann Hakk


The Tallinn Palace of Culture and Sports named after V. I. Lenin aka Tallinn City Hall, created for the most important concerts, celebrations and receptions (completed in 1976), is associated with the emphasis on Mesopotamia and the Egyptian temple of great civilizations by emphasizing its axiality, symmetry and mathematical beauty. In total, the building is nearly 300 meters long and 160 meters wide, with a total area of 27,215 square meters. In addition to walking along the roof of the house, it was also striking that the house was located completely by the sea, which was strictly controlled and restricted during the Soviet era. The roads that walk through the city hall and those that do not offer a lot of nostalgic memories and new discoveries. What remains in history and what awaits this building is what we will talk about in our tours.


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