Ministry of Foreign Affairs


1968, Mart Port, Uno Tölpus, Raine Karp, Olga Kontšajeva


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia is located in the former building of the Central Committee of the Estonian Communist Party. It is located in the so-called cultural center, the design of which began in 1945 according to the Stalinist principles of urban planning. The main building of the Academy of Sciences was originally planned for the same place. The wing of the ministry building on the side of Iceland Square is formed by an 11-storey office block, to the back of which join the lower parts of the building, where there are auxiliary rooms, a dining room and two conference halls. The façade has a clear symmetrical distribution and the horizontal rows of windows are balanced by a vertical wall on the central axis of the building. This wall helped create a visual background for the statue of Lenin in front of the house in the middle of the boulevard. One of the most prominent elements of the interior is the reinforced concrete hyperbolic paraboloid ceiling of the large conference hall with a diamond-shaped ground plan. The current exterior finish of the building dates back to 2000.


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