National Library of Estonia


1993 Raine Karp, Sulev Vahtra


The National Library of Estonia is the first large public building, the construction of which was completed immediately after the restoration of the sovereignty of the Republic of Estonia, and its grand opening took place on September 11, 1993. It is a model example of postmodern architecture, which was intended to be a repository of knowledge and information, as well as a major cultural centre. The architect of the house is Raine Karp and the interior designer is Sulev Vahtra. It is the largest library in the Baltics, a ten-storey building with two floors underground. This building, reminiscent of a monumental temple, is the second such massive building in the centre of Tallinn next to the City Hall, the main volume of which with a pyramid roof opens towards the square in front of the building, its façade is strictly symmetrical, which is also emphasized by the central rose window. An excursion introducing the history and future of the building takes us on a course of different floors with the history of the National Library and the present behind the scenes, recalling the history of the building, including the 1989 cable excavation. At the end of 2021, the building will be closed for multi-year reconstruction, so now is the last chance to see this large building with your own eyes.

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