Noblessner Submarine Factory and Stalker Museum Bunker



At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian Empire invested resources in the development of the navy in order to increase its military power. Therefore, three major factories based on private capital were established in Tallinn, one of which is the Noblessner submarine factory founded in 1913.
The most important submarine factory of the time was founded here by two businessmen from St. Petersburg – Emanuel Nobel (nephew of Alfred Nobel) and Arthur Lessner. The factory got its name – Noblessner – from them. Although the factory’s main activity was the production, construction and maintenance of submarines, the production of submarines ended when Estonia became independent, while the construction and repair of surface ships continued until August 2018.
Over time, the shipyard has also had the names: AS Peetri Ship Construction Factory, Peetri factory, Military Ship Factory, Factory no. 7, 7th Military Factory, Sea Factory no. 7, and after the restoration of Estonian independence, Tallinn’s Sea Factory. Since the bankruptcy of Tallinn’s Sea Factory in 2001, the factory belongs to BLRT Group, which in cooperation with partners is developing the Noblessner port campus.

Meeting point: “Stalker” museum’s bunker behind Põhjala brewery.
Tour: Bunker rooms, outdoor area, factory halls and spaces through two floors.

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