Tallinn Art Hall


1934 Anton Soans, Edgar Johan Kuusik


Estonian artists had already started thinking about building their own exhibition spaces in the 1920s, and this plan became concrete at the beginning of the next decade. Anton Soans won the architectural competition in 1932, who also invited Edgar Johan Kuusik, the compiler of the competition conditions, as a co-author. The Art Hall on Vabaduse Square, completed in cooperation with them, is one of the most representative functionalist buildings in Tallinn. At the same time, functionalism here in Estonia was not so much an ideology as keeping pace with the fashion style prevalent in the wider world, hence some conservatism – the facade is designed symmetrically and sculptures have been added. In addition to the art hall, the building has commercial premises on both sides of the entrance to the depths of the building, club rooms on the basement floor and studio apartments on the upper floors for members of the Artists’ Union. In order to form a uniform front with adjacent taller buildings, the sixth floor of the Art Building was added to the Art Building in 1959-1962.

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Vabaduse väljak 8
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